First industrial activities took place in 1977, under the name of IUM Rogojelu. The mission of the newly formed plant was to assure the maintenance of the mining equipment used in surface coal mining in Rovinari Mining Area. The placement was ideally chosen for its initial role, being situated near Rovinari Electric Power Plant and Rovinari, Rosia and Pinoasa surface mining fields.

Uzitmet Industry is the precursor of the above mentioned company, with an activity which expanded well beyond the initial scope of supply, for which the company was intended. Currently, only 30% of our production is destined to mining operations, while 70% of our production is destined to intern and extern clients, with various domains, such as: machine tools, metallurgy, civil constructions and so on. The manufactured products are destined to Austrian, South African, Bulgarian, French, German, Swedish clients and many more.

Uzitmet has specialists (workers, foremen and engineers) and the necessary experience in order to perform complex works at a high quality level, in conformity with European norms.

We can perform complex projects, offering a work environment at the highest standards, an experienced and professional management and many opportunities to form, develop and apply components at the highest requests.

Uzitmet works continuously to create the newest technologies which can offer latest solutions adapted to our costumer’s needs.

S.C. UZITMET INDUSTRY S.R.L. is specialized in manufacturing of welded mechanical constructions, being certified according to Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management System SR EN ISO 14001 and Health and Security according to SR OHSAS 18001; assuring the quality of the products and services provided, improving in the same the image of the company on the markets, both domestic and foreign.